Real Estate Radio

Real Estate Radio was RaisingSails' first client! We've been working with them for about 3 years building out their website, improving their SEO, managing their social media accounts, and so much more. The website and app lets agents sign up for the show, listen to past recordings and provides the latest real estate news.

Client: Real Estate Radio
Industry: Real Estate
Work Performed: Web, Marketing, Design, Video
Our focus was to create a website where real estate agents could sign up to advertise their home listings through the Real Estate Radio Show.

Next-Level Real Estate

For better visuals, functionality & SEO, we built a custom site that feeds property listings directly from the MLS platform.

'Feast' or 'Famine' Pipeline

We focused on leveling out the peaks & valleys, as well as increasing quality leads.

Radical Engagement Levels

Collaborated with KRG team, creating incredibly clever content- resulting in massive engagement.