Your Target Market’s Christmas Wishlist

As reports come out of reduced consumer gift-giving, & businesses offering more modest promotions, this holiday season is the the best possible oportunity to stand out. Here’s 5 ways between now & Yuletide that’ll ensure you make your audience’s Nice List.

1. Send Hand-Written Letters or Christmas Cards

The easiest way to stand out in 2022 is sending a hand-written card. This doesn’t have to be long or complex. A simple ‘Dear ___ Wishing You Happy Holidays’ -(your name). Depending on your biz, this can be to groups like clients, top customers, referral partners, or leads. Branded Christmas Cards for large lists, though less personal, are an option too. But ‘E-Cards’, are not.

Pro-Tip: This isn’t a sales opportunity. Keep it authentic.

2. Spread Some Cheer - Share Someone Else's Story

This one’s free, but hands-down my favorite. Every community/customer base is a gold-mine of incredible people & stories that never get told. You likely already know some. Scroll through your database, social followers, or keep it in mind during your day-to-day for individuals with inspirational backgrounds, motivational accomplishments, or doing selfless work that you think deserves more recognition. Tell them how they’ve moved you personally & why you think sharing their story will benefit others. Avoid features that might seem self-promotional like team members or business collaborators.

Pro-Tip: This can be a simple social post, a blog, or go all out with a video feature. Keep the person’s comfort level in mind.

3. 'Tis the Season to Give - Support A Cause

This one’s pretty straight forward. But here’s some best practices to help you, help others. Simplify things by latching on to an existing charity or Christmas drive. You can find great digital-drives where a social post or email campaign could go a long way. Or if you’ve got a retail location, there are organizations that will drop off ‘giving bins’. If you don’t know where to turn google “(city name) Christmas Charities.

Pro-Tip: Don’t do a “__ of each sale will go to X”. It’ll seem disingenuous. Besides cause marketing is all but played out.  

4. Why You'll Make Bank With Freebies

Free, is a marketer’s favorite word, and for good reason. Discounts are unoriginal, and significantly less effective of a motivator as freebies. Some businesses clinch at the thought of giving anything ‘free’ but what sounds better- 20% OFF or FREE Shipping? If they make a $100 purchase, which one actually costs you more? Discounts have their place, but with a little creativity, there’s likely a more enticing freebie to replace it.

Pro-Tip: Think outside the box, whether literally with offers like free gift wrapping, or metaphorically with smart sales i.e. “Spend X & get a FREE $10 gift card” knowing that just guaranteed you a future sale likely well above that $10 mark. 

5. Get Feedback - Build Relationships While Staying Relevant in 2023

This will be the most difficult on the list for some of you. Over the years we’ve noticed small businesses are scared of direct customer feedback. Not ‘ratings grabs’ or internal surveys, but input on public platforms. It’s important to note, med-larger businesses seem to be far more open to it.

Why? For starters, including your clients, potential customers, & community in the direction & decision making builds real rapport & relations. It shows authenticity, transparency, & gets the emotionally invested. Next, it improves the business by providing real-time data, answers to questions you’ve had, & possibly solutions to problems you didn’t realize you had. Lastly you can position ahead of consumer trends, instead of following behind industry leaders.

How? Social media poll & question widgets, open-ended posts, on-location feedback forms, phone calls, text marketing polls, *livestream convos*. Avoid traditional ‘surveys’ for this one.

Pro-Tip: You don’t have to base your decisions completely on your audience feedback. They’ll appreciate being considered in the first place. Following up in the future with explanations & announcements is a great way to keep everyone engaged.

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